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Corby & East Northants Parliamentary By-election - Thursday 15th November 2012


Andy Sawford is the new MP for Corby & East Northants after Labour's tremendous showing in the by election.

Despite the poll being held on a cold and foggy November day, our vote held firm and Labour enjoyed a massive swing of almost 13%.

His 17,267 votes easily overwhelmed the Tory total of 9,476. The Lib Dems failed to retain their deposit (polling under 5% of the votes cast) and were solidly beaten into third place by UKIP's 5,108 votes. For the full result, click here.




Well Done, Paul! Labour achieves a strong 2nd place in Oundle District By Election

Following the resignation of Tory David Bateman, a by-election was held on 15th November 2012 for one of the town's three seats on East Northants Council.

Paul King - former Mayor of Oundle and Town Councillor - was the Labour Party candidate and polled 681 votes, coming second to the Tories.



Find out more about all of these stories on our News page. 

A Little About Oundle Branch

Oundle is one of nine Labour branches in the parliamentary constituency. Five of these are Corby-based, (Corby Central, Corby North West, Corby West, Danesholme & Oakley, Corby Rural) with the other four being East Northants-focused (Irthlingborough, Raunds, Thrapston and Oundle).

The town is located within the following levels of government:

The Labour Party in Oundle has a long tradition and regularly fought for seats on Oundle Town Council when the latter had the status of an Urban District Council (removed as part of local government reorganisation in 1974). The membership of the branch is scattered over a wide area. This covers five wards (Oundle, Prebendal, Lyveden, King's Forest and Fineshade) and stretches as far north as Easton-on-the-Hill, just outside Stamford. Further CLP details can be found at: Corby & East Northants CLP Website

Most Labour Party activity in the area takes place at constituency level with Constituency Labour Party All Member Meetings taking place monthly, usually in either Corby or Irthlingborough. At a minimum, the Oundle Branch holds an Annual General Meeting to which all branch members are invited.

Not a Member? Join here .....

We understand that people join the Labour Party with varying expectations of involvement, interests and constraints on their time. Election campaigns are dependent on the commitment of the members and supporters who are willing to knock on doors, canvass on the phone and distribute literature. These are great ways of putting beliefs and values into action.

We also need to have members who are prepared to get involved in their community as a councillor, seeking to ensure that political decisions are taken that are based on fairness and are in the interests of ordinary people.

However, there is no compulsion to do any of these things! Simply showing your support by becoming a Labour Party member makes an enormous difference when hundreds of thousands of people choose to do this. And when those hundreds of thousands talk to their family, friends, work colleagues and other day-to-day contacts about what Labour seeks to achieve, there is a chance that the prevalent cynicism - cultivated by the right-wing press - about "all political parties are the same" and "they are all in it for themselves" may begin to break down and the serious decline in democratic participation may be arrested and reversed.

If you would like to find out more about joining the Labour Party, please click here.

Alan Brookfield - Oundle Branch Chair

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